The story of Michin Grill Kitchen & Tequila Bar

Of course, it all started in our KITCHEN! We all know that the best parties end up with everyone congregating around the warmthness of the kitchen. Savoring the sounds, tastes, and aromas.

Whether its enjoying a glass of deep red wine while the cook is finishing the meal or sneaking in a taste of the rich chocolate dessert, or just laughing and joking while helping grandma dry the dishes, all these are memories to cherish. Thinking back to all those celebrations since childhood, the love and stories shared, we decided to invite you into our kitchen and share our memories with you, our friends in San Antonio!

During one of these merriments, sharing stories, food, and friendship, we decided to make an idea a reality. For this reason we all agreed to invest in this dream together. Each of us has contributed to bring our own personal style to this concept: unique and modern, based on Mexican food, BUT with our own signature of spice and flavor.

Michin means FISH in the Aztec language, a FRESH fish for a FRESH recipe. This is the basis for our concept, fresh, flavorful, and distinctive. We are a different interpretation of Mexican cuisine and a far stretch from Tex-Mex; the soul of our flavors comes from vintage Mexican food, but we interpret the sight, smell, and flavors with our own spin of taste and uniqueness.

We fuse what we believe are the finest flavors from different cuisines and techniques around the world to enhance our own. We top this off with a small kitchen, forcing us to buy only small amounts of ingredients; therefore guaranteeing you our customer the best quality and FRESHNESS. So please join us, let us pour you a glass of wine, and enjoy!